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Hello Sir!
Have you ever checked our FAQ and Terms and Conditions section? If you type there " Australia " or " seizure" you will see pretty clear the following text:

Now, since we currently operate with an overall extremely good shipping success rate, of 98% worldwide and 100% for USA from the beginning of this year, most probably our colleague from customer service was willing to overlook our policy and still offer you a reshipment despite our rules since seizures are scarce these days with our deliveries.

However, given the fact that you have decided to make this public despite the willingness of our customer service of still discussing some reshipping terms and come here with claims like:

" "

and ignoring our transparent shipping conditions and terms ... we will act by our Terms and Conditions since you have decided to discuss this out in the open, and of course, stick to our firm policies since this is a "public" case now.

Thank you!
I,m sorry you feel like this , I wasn't trying to cause any trouble , or dis-credit your company , your company has a very good reputation on the brotherhood and i guess you have earned it over the years..Maybe i have said some things out of anger and frustration ...but i am not questioning your company's integrity ..the consultant i have been dealing with has been very polite and a great front man for your company. I hope we can put this behind us and move forward ..
thankyou ..