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    Thread: Supertropin 4iu results with baseline

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      Quote Originally Posted by JimmyMcFistacuff View Post
      Those are decent numbers bro. That makes me feel a little better about Brady5rings test results with ST that I just saw.

      I guess Im gonna find out first hand how I respond. Never used GH so Im gonna get before and after test to see how I respond.

      Thx for the tests and info.
      Same here, waiting on mine.

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      Supertropin 4iu results with baseline Supertropin 4iu results with baseline
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      Quote Originally Posted by evawinter View Post
      Jnab said:
      Thanks Jnab, yes, I intend to in the future stay on the 4iu of ST for at least a couple weeks, then get new bloods done to get a proper stable long-term igf-1 reading.

      1st lab is baseline igf-1 [227, high] (age 48, ref is 67 to 205 ng/mL)

      2nd lab is igf-1 [380, high] after being on 4iu of ST pharm grade for only 2 days (95 point increase per each 1iu)

      3rd lab (upcoming in 3 weeks) is igf-1 after being on 20mg of mk677** (by itself) for 3 weeks

      ** note: taking 20mg mk677 by itself in morning with 200mcg huperzine A + NOW brand EGCg caffeine free green tea extract--400mg (contains 200mg EGCg/80% catechins, using these to help keep somatostatin down).

      ** note: I have been taking the mk677 in the morning only and sleep very well at night (normal 8 hours plus), vivid dreams are often noticed (similar to GH). I get disrupted sleep (get less sleep) when I tried taking it before bed or even a few hours before bed, Keep in mind that the body needs some time to adjust to the compound I think as well. I had problems with lethargy in the past (when I tried mk677 months ago for a few days, then gave it up) since I was taking it at night and getting less sleep which I think led to tiredness during the day at work. My body does not react well to taking anything before bed. But when I take the MK677 in the morning, I get a good sense of well-being every day (my spouse even said I had been coming home every day after work in a good mood, and that she loved the change) and no lethargy issues thus far after a week. Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. Mike Arnold also reported he gets no lethargy on it, so I guess everyone responds differently. Water retention does not seem to be too bad from the compound while being on a low carb targeted keto diet.

      Attachment 23749[ATTACH]23750[/ATTACH

      Thanks for taking your time and sharing your results, glad is working very good in your body

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      Thanks Saguakid. Keep in mind that I don't use any orals, I don't know if that helps to keep my liver working really well, and if this helps or not with a good igf-1 conversion from the GH. Just on TRT test C at 200mg a week with 1/4mg of arimidex at each shot (twice a week at 100mg TRT) year round. I will be doing a test on 5iu of ST some time in the future as well, many months from now, and I will report back after being on it for at least 2 weeks to get a proper stable IGF-1. ST is very good stuff, love it! and definately pharm grade.

      Even after being on just 4iu of ST for around 2 days, it brought me to the igf-1 levels of "even better than" most young adults:

      Older folks (59-225ug/L)
      young adult (116-358 ug/L)

      Ref levels from the MK677 study on healthy older adults.
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    8. Supertropin 4iu results with baseline
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    Supertropin 4iu results with baseline Supertropin 4iu results with baseline