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    Thread: Supertropin 4iu results with baseline

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      907rider said:
      Looks like the bloods are saying that 25mgs mk is close to equivalent of 4iu gh. That sounds in agreement with what I've heard others have experienced. That's awesome.
      Yes! I agree.

      Amjodor said:
      What if you ran both???
      Now that I think about it amjodor, I will go ahead and do a bloodtest of 2iu ST GH + 25mg mk677 sometime in late-July, as in mid July I get more funds on my health visa, so I will have funds to spend on another IGF-1 test at 70.00. The blood pressure rise will not be very much on 2iu of ST compared to the higher blood pressure I got off 4iu of ST (I am one of those rare people that get a blood pressure rise for around 16 hours after taking GH, I have very good normal bp normally). Yet another reason for me to look into low dose GH in the future! should keep the bp normal. I will report back in that time frame after being on 2iu GH + 25mg mk677 for 1 to 2 weeks as I am very curious to see what the labs will read, as I have not found a single lab on-line yet from anyone who has done a GH + mk677 bloodwork, yet everyone who has tried it saids it feels like a high dose of GH. I just have a hard time grasping how this works, as I would think the high igf-1 circulating in the body would send a negative feedback signal to the mk677 so that it would not pulse very high due to the negative feedback, but it sounds as if this does not happen, so a bloodwork should help reveal what is going on.

      for additional info see thread: "GH mk677 combo" at PM forum with comments from Mike Arnold: GH MK677 combo

      Mike Arnold:
      I think it's a great combo, especially when trying to build muscle tissue. People do it all the time with great results, so it speaks for itself. It saves the person money, stops IGF-1 induced negative feedback from shutting down endogenous growth hormone production, ensures that the body has elevated levels of all the different GH isoforms, and provides a constant supply of GH throughout the day (compared to exo. GH, which only keeps GH blood levels elevated for roughly 8 hours).

      MK-677 also has its own unique set of benefits, such as appetite stimulation and greater increases in muscle fullness when compared to exo. GH on an iu to iu basis.
      I posted the MK677 bloodwork on post #37 on page 4 of thread.

      So in conclusion:

      4iu of ST for just 2 days ------> increased igf-1 levels 68% from baseline.

      25mg of MK677 @ 2 weeks----> increased igf-1 levels 64% from baseline.

      note: MK677 was taken in the morning along with 100mcg huperzine A + 200mg caffeine free EGCG to help lower somatostatin.
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      Supertropin 4iu results with baseline Supertropin 4iu results with baseline
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      Just a quick note: Both GH and mk677 are going to lower your insulin sensitivity a bit, I would suggest taking 1 capsule of Arazo's blood sugar support (read 600 reviews at amazon) or anything similar 1/2 hour before every meal & protein shake to improve insulin sensitivity + shuttle excess glucose towards muscle and liver and not fat storage. These glucose disposal agents have been found by many reviewers to work even better than metformin without the side effects, and blood sugar was lowered from 130 and 120 down to 80 and similar readings for those with issues, helps with weight loss, etc. 1g Cinnamon supplement (not the extract) was also shown in several studies to lower blood sugar levels by 25%, just read the study at ergo-log.

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      Nice info for thought eva....

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    8. Supertropin 4iu results with baseline
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    Supertropin 4iu results with baseline Supertropin 4iu results with baseline