Now Nutrition/NowSports/Now Foods (which is my Go To supplement company noticed that the super antioxidant “Astaxanthin” was being sold on Amazon and Walmart .com at dubious : low price or high milligrams or % of concentrate . So , they bought 22 brands of Astaxanthin and you’ll have to read what they found .

I’ve definitely “went cheap” before in my past with supplements and learned fast that if it has a low price, has statistics that seem “too good to be true “ …it’s because they cut it or used a small amount of the active ingredient , they used inferior raw powder/liquid ingredients, or they just rob you . “Now brand and “Doctors Best” are constantly testing all their China, US, or India raw Active ingredients , beyond that, they have been a trusted source since the 60’s .

It reminded me of the thousands of wasted dollars buying this and that . Anyway , I posted the link just in case anyone may be using an expensive product and losing cash .

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Quality and “Piece of Mind” is totally worth it .
Especially if your trying to stay healthy !