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    Thread: Which way do I go, George?

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      Which way do I go, George?

      Hey, to all. I'm new to the brotherhood. This is my first post to a forum.. not sure how to go about this. I'm 38 born and raised near the " best damn band in the land", I been some what healthy and active my entire life but the last few years have been a nightmare. Ive been on disability dueb to having a developmental disease Beckwith Wiedemann ( congenital hemihypertrophy, nephrocalcinosis, macroglossia). I've had multiple surgery, length reduction of the left leg, kidney problems since 18 years old, a couple rotarcuff surgeries on my left arm, most recent a tongue reduction surgery, craniotomy which doctor ruled trigeminal neuralgia. Soon they will be removing part of my upper and lower jaw on the left side and putting a plates in due to over growth in my jaw shifting my face to a point of jaw location. I recently found my T levels have have been low since last year and my doctor over looked that it was 215ng ( last year) and it's now down 100ng ( as of mid July) I ve told this doctor something wasn't right for as long as I been seeing him and all he has done is try to shove anti depressants down my throat. Well, I looked over the results after he gave me a " everything's normal" result. Ya, everything's normal? Everything is not normal and I have and will still refuse stuffing antidepressant medications down my throat. He sent to a urologist and I told him no I sent to a endocrinologist. I don't need treated for ED. Jackass! So now I'm on the hunt for information on what to do and what to expect from trt. I know once I start o will be on it the rest of my life. But what should I look for as in treatment and what should look out for so I don't get more fucked up then I am. Open to here your thoughts and hope to get feed back. Thank you for having me here in the brotherhood.

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      I would find a forward thinking doctor. Remember doctors work for you. Get complete a complete work up. Then work out a plan with said medical professional. That way you don’t harm yourself.

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