Boys Iím in the land of Aus where TRT is taboo (well now days anyway) and hoping someone can steer me in the right direction of a clinic.

Age of 24 I had terrible levels and doctor put me on trt. Started off 250mg per week then when levels reached normal range went onto test cream. Things changed in Australia and doctors couldnít prescribe it anymore only a specialist could. Specialists said to me I needed to jump off for 9 months so they could assess my levels without it as they had tests done when I was a teenager I was normal. My work and sleeping habits ruined my system and then the prescription for a few years obviously shut me down even more. I told the specialist to shove it and Iíd do it myself. Fast forward to now Iím 31 and stopped test 12 months ago due to talking to a naturopath thinking we could get my levels back to normal naturally. Didnít work at all. New levels have come back as total test 3.3nmol and free test 54nmol so pretty shit. I did blast pretty heavy during my time on as it was too tempting not to get big.

wondering if anyone here in Aus can guide me to someone that can help me as Iíve had so many dramas with specialists that donít care because Iím not a girl wanting to be a guy who they prescribe it to Willy nilly.

Any Aussie boys out there that could help Iíll be so bloody greatfull.