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Fuck it, throw in that dbol at 30mg/day and get your AI ready.

I mean you're not really in the best shape to be starting a cycle but send it bro! Not trying to be mean but just laying it out there. I was once in the same spot so I'm not judging. If you can get a copy of your blood work from that doctor it would be a big help. I wouldn't take a TRT clinic's word on you being super low because they are there to put about 90% of the people that walk through their door on TRT. It would be great baseline information to help you though. If you call them they should give you a copy.

If you are consistent, clean with your diet, and train hard you will get some good recomp results. Also, split your shots into 2x per week.
Yea, i wasnt in the best shape when i started, i was fat. But didnt necessarily start just to get big, it was but because i was real low, draggy, tired, sleepy i was always unmotivated about everything. Lost over 20lbs since.
I feel great, lots of energy, diet is very clean, strict, consistent

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