So I already do keto OMAD and was very depressed yesterday at my body fat percentage being 16% so Iím giving this diet a go.
Starting stats:
216lbs @6Ē0 16%
The goal is to get to 8-10%
I will be keeping the training the same with heavy compounds and 20-30 mins of cardio 5 times per week and cheat on weekends with the diet(not count calories but keep it keto with IF)
The diet I will be doing is OMAD up to 1500 calories per day. High protein low fat zero carb to burn body fat for fuel. During the day I will be drinking snake juice which is 1tbsp pink salt 2 tbsp NoSalt which is potassium, half a tablespoon of magnesium and 2 tbsp of ACV instead of baking soda for digestion and extra fat burn.
Iíll check in once a week for updated stats and pics. Iím about 8 weeks out from my trip to my vacation and at 2 weeks out Iíll cut the cheat days out and continue the diet all 7 days. Only things I am running are GW a few natural test boosters and a multi/fish oil
Hereís my before pics

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