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    Thread: MAXS Log

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      MaxSystems 2.0 “ maintenance “ Training
      ZPHC Testosterone U/Deca 100mg
      ZPHC Ztropin - 4 ius split dose
      Bayer Proviron - 50mg split dose
      Abdi Ibrahim Levo T4 - 50mcg
      •Pharmacom Tados(Cialis) 1/4 tab 5mg
      •ZPHC Adex(Anastrozole) - .5mg prn
      •Evista(Raloxifene) PRN
      •Cabaser .5mg or SPLabs Caber .25mg prn
      •Merck Ovitrelle or ZyHCG- shot after injections (amount varies)/HMG- 2 shots post blast

      Morning Smoothie: 2g *99% Circumin C3, My own organ mix = 16g per serving ~ 3g each of M-I-C & TMG 15g scoop, 1 tbsp Knox, 3g MSM, 800mg SAMe, 100mg Na-R-ala, 5g fish oils/1g hemp oil, 1,000mg NAC/200mg S- Acetyl Gluthianone, 2g black seed oil 20% thymoquinone, Slin supp {18% Corsolic acid +dihydroberberine SR/IR}2x, 50mg enhanced P5P, Tudca Mix 750mg/80%Silymarin/Silybin) **No minerals/Vitamins or fortified protein or meal replacements(Just isolate/hydro)

      Daily Sports Supplements:
      1)8g NOWSPORTS Essential 9 EEAS 30min PWO plain in water. Then a pump or nootropic intra-workout w/ 64oz water.

      Anabolic Nutraceutical Post Workout Shake:
      {80g ISO93MAXS Logprotein/30g ClusterDextrin 100g Dextrose carbs 3g Creatine HCL, 6.4g SR CarnosynMAXS Log /3-6g BetaTorMAXS LogHMB-fa)/3g Yolked!MAXS Log/AstraginMAXS Log/RhodiolifeMAXS Log 5%//C15 fatty acid/ARASYNMAXS Log}

      The maintenance has been going good , business has been booming..so busy. It’s like everyone has a wedding or function coming up, some want to lose fat for the holidays I’m sure. I have been doing and continue to do my MaxSys 2.0 modified 5x5 3 times a week and teaching classes on the weekends. My power is far beyond what I lift so im being careful not to get any injuries. I am not losing any muscle or weight because of my meticulous attention to my body and food intake . Using my advanced HRT allows my body to recover faster and I’m able to get my bloods/numbers to “Doctor Approved” levels(numbers) and then I’m ready to blast off. The long term use of gh is paying off bigtime, I’ve been able to stay lean, improve my LBM whereas before I would just lose my gains and fluctuate . I’ve found my baseline is 218-225 lbs/98-102 kilos and I’m able to stay their when I’m on my HRT with exactly 3800 to 4,000 calories (compared to when I blast 5-7k calories. I’m headed east for work this week so that should be fun, I miss seeing all Green Flora & Fauna; Clouds & Rain. Nature just cures whatever ails me, I have a place I go to a few times a month just a hours drive from my house but it’s a different type of beauty.
      Remember, Reach At Least One Goal Daily!


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      Hope all is well. Have t heard from you in awhile

      Shut up and lift

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      is eating every thing I see
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      Max my man what's up you all good?

      Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk

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      Thinking the same thing. Where u at big dog?!?

      Shut up and lift

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