So update. The last week and a bit i've dropped down to 209.6 So 31.5 lbs down. I'm going to probably stop at 205. We'll see how I look at that point. As for how I look, I will say i'm not as happy as I'd expected to be. The lockdowns have really fucked my physique up. Training at home has been doing wonders, but it's just not the same. When I was 209 lbs in 2018 doing my show prep I was significantly leaner than I was now. I was 199.6 with weigh in and stepped on stage around 205. So yea even if I lost another 10 lbs of fat I still wouldn't be in the same shape, attributing to the msk loss that the last year and a bit has done to me.

That being said, i'm actually feeling significantly better; less snoring, more mobility, more feeling healthy. Reducing down to 75 mcg T3 gives me the heat, but not the incredible shakes and anxiety feeling, and the loss is still consistent. Gear is doing it's job well, and i'm happy with getting down. I'll put more photos up this coming weekend once i'm able to settle in a weight and I feel a bit better about myself.