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    Thread: JJB1ís FLASH LABS - Beyond Shredded Old As F&ck Log

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      Quote Originally Posted by JJB1 View Post
      Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Sorry Iíve been M.I.A.
      My mom recently died and my grandma will die any day so Iíve been dealing with a lot of family stress.
      But, I never miss a workout and am very strict on food. Iíve actually lowered calories to only 3 to 4 protein shakes and one meal of egg whites or chicken/turkey breast with steamed rice.
      I dropped my gear dose to only 350mg test prop and HGH for awhile but Iím traveling between states to see my grandma a lot so I just bring orals (tbol and winstrol) with me.
      When Iím home I upped my HGH to 10ius but none when out of state. I dropped body weight to only 186Lbs but I love the look. I look like Rambo III. I feel healthier than ever at this weight!
      I canít wait until Flash comes back so I can get more gear. Iím running out.
      Iíll probably have to use long acting test I have laying around here for a few weeks which sucks because I much prefer test prop over enan or cyp.
      Today, I trained legs and rode the bike. Nothing like legs to remind me how old I am. Iíll be a senior citizen in a few weeks. Iím amazed I made it this far. God has been very generous with me, and forgiving of my crazy high dose years(decade really).
      My condolences to you and your loved ones on the state your family is in right now.
      GET SOME!

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      Very sorry to hear friend.
      They say God doesnít give us anymore then we can handle.
      I think the person going thru it isnít the one spouting these words.
      Living each day like a present I hope you have fond memories that warms your heart and helps.
      I have no doubt grandma has a heavy heart out living her daughter.
      Pray everything works out peacefully for everyone.
      God Bless

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